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OneOffice, One World – The pandemic must inspire us to address climate change – which has no vaccination

April 16, 2021

If there is one lesson we will eventually take from COVID-19, it’s the paranoia that government and business leaders now live with: the constant fear that a crisis like this could ever catch them cold again. This paranoia must spur them to take preventative action and not rely on their ability to deliver rapid treatments. Treating symptoms simply papers over the deepest cracks of the causes—problems that remain unsolved despite all the debt we’ve incurred.

We can’t vaccinate our planet when things get really bad—we must cure it ahead of time. Barring future pandemics and world wars, which we seem to be able to treat by throwing extraordinary amounts of money into science and military coffers, the next looming crisis is a climate meltdown. The only cure is through smart and painful prevention, not quick-fire, after-the-crisis inoculation.


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