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Smart Analytics Impacts Your Competitive Edge with Predictive OneOffice Capability

December 5, 2018

Enterprises need data more than ever. Marketplace success is increasingly dependent on delighting customers, creating disruptive business models, and running smart operations with data and technology. Even as we transition into a data-driven economy, enterprises need analytics to make strategic and effective use of all the data available today to reach their OneOffice goals. Organizations that can harness data and anticipate market changes, customer preferences, supply chain constraints, and competitive pressures are best positioned to respond and seize opportunities for growth.


In partnership with Infosys BPM, HFS conducted a research study to explore this emerging use of data and analytics as strategic assets. This report includes survey findings from 262 enterprise decision makers across the Global 2000. We present a nuanced view into the strategic imperatives around data, advanced analytics, and machine learning; the current and planned use of smart analytics; the main challenges along each step of the evolution; and emerging best practices to developing a true, data-driven OneOffice.

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