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The RPA Bible: Your Practical & Technical Guide to RPA

October 18, 2017

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The rise of automation fueled by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has allowed the world of business operations to think different and to think fresh. It enables organizations to transform to a state where there is only “OneOffice” that matters anymore, one that is focused on creating an impactful customer experience and intelligent operations to enable and support it. The Triple-A Trifecta – Automation, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a C-level strategic priority.
Despite the promise, the hype, and the high expectations, the RPA client experience is bi-polar. According to HfS Research, nearly half the RPA clients did not meet or barely met the expectations from their RPA initiatives. The reason is not the technology itself but quite simply the lack of rigor in selecting and implementing the right tool. Symphony Ventures collaborated with HfS Research with the objective to help RPA clients realize its true potential.
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We have upgraded our offering! Prior to December 1, 2017, the report was offered as part of HfS’ freemium research. Due to popular demand, the offering has been upgraded and is now available for purchase including 2×30 calls with the teams who have written the report. After purchasing the report, we will be in touch to plan the calls.
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What the report includes:
This comprehensive 84-page report describes an actionable set of eight elements required for successful RPA orchestration.
  • What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?  
  • The Eight Elements of Successful RPA Orchestration 
  • Architecture 
    • Building a Complex Automation? You’ll Need Layered Design
    • How to Choose the Right Delivery Model for Your Project  
    • Optimizing Your Virtual Workforce with Process Administration 
  • Usability 
    • Why Visual and Interface Design Matter 
    • How Steep is the Learning Curve? 
    • Selecting the Right Code Structure for Process Design 
    • How Sustainable RPA Design Can Pay Dividends Down the Road 
  • Integration 
    • How to Mitigate Database Integration Risks  
    • Why Screen Scraping is Essential to the RPA Toolkit  
    • The Most Common Application Integrations in RPA  
    • Customize Your RPA Solution Through Code Integration 
  • Exception Handling 
    • How to Defend Your RPA Workforce from Technical Failure  
    • How Exception Handling Can Save Your Automation From Failure 
  • Security 
    • Three Ways Encryption Can Augment Your Business Automation Why Efficiency Goes Hand-in-hand with Security 
    • The Key to Governance, Compliance, and Auditing  
  • Configuration Features 
    • Four Configuration Features That Aid Automation Development 
  • Deployment Features 
    • Doing More for Less: How to Optimize Resource Allocation 
    • Why You Shouldn’t Blindly Pile Work Onto Your Automation 
  • Vendor Support & Documentation 
    • Transformation Begins With Education 
    • How to Make the Most Out of Your Automation Support Resources

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