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The State of Automation & AI: The C-Suite’s Number One Strategic Imperative

HfS conducted the first-of-its-kind research involving 400 senior IT and operations executives from enterprise customers to drive a fact-based discussion on the impact and maturity of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on business operations.


Four-fifths of the C-Suite are demanding automation and AI as a critical part of operations strategy. These technologies fundamentally alter the building blocks for every organization’s operating model. And yet, the implications of the seismic shift brought on by automation are not yet visible. Operations leaders across business and IT are facing tremendous challenges at the start of their automation journey, with no clearly established playbooks to follow. Automation projects are stalling for a number of enterprises that lack the proper planning, requisite talent, skillsets, or clear definition of the goals required for deployments. Over the next few years, automation and AI will fundamentally change the way organizations are undertaking business operations. Our study, supported by Hexaware, highlights the early investments and strategies around Intelligent Automation, its key challenges, and successes, and lessons learned to help close the gap between leadership ambition and the challenges in execution.

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