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Introducing F&A 3.0: Emerging Technologies to Change the Face of F&A Forever

Mar 7, 2018 Saurabh Gupta

The world of finance and account business process services is poised to take a very different direction as labor arbitrage solutions are replaced by a combination of platforms, automation, AI, and ultimately blockchain. As one generation of services grinds to a halt, another is quickly ramping up to drive what we at HfS are calling F&A 3.0.


Simply put, the new direction has arrived and those who ignore it will quickly be left behind in a world where legacy business practices are no longer tolerated. Nearly every enterprise today has a focus on operating as a digital business with an appointed Chief Digital Officer and the data being controlled from finance is of paramount importance to support these business models. Hence, the pressure on CFOs to ditch legacy practices such as labor arbitrage driven F&A is reaching a critical juncture.

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