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Defining the Digital OneOffice Organization

January 2, 2017

For an updated definition of the OneOffice, please visit this POV.




HfS defines how the Digital OneOfficeTM is becoming the operations framework for the emerging organization that has fully embraced digital business models, enabled by an intelligent support capability, where barriers between front and back offices no longer exist. Everything about Digital OneOffice is wrapped around the needs of the people in its environment, where automation is completely native and decisions can be made by predicting events, not merely reacting to historical data archives.


This report discusses how the Digital OneOffice enables the digital customer and organizational experience, where an integrated support operation has the digital prowess to meet customer demand – as and when that demand happens.  In a few months, we won’t be talking nearly as much about automation and digital technology as the critical “value levers” for operations, as they become an embedded part of the fabric of the future operations platform for new generation organizations. Instead, we will be talking a lot more about OneOffice and how customer engagement is so integral to survival with the rapid emergence of highly disruptive digital business models. 




Executives leaders and business unit leaders across IT, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, finance, HR, supply chain and procurement. Advisors and investors engaged in new generation business model and technology innovations.




How to understand and approach real digital concepts and apply a compelling engagement model across your organization’s operations.  New ways to redefine roles more effectively to wrap the needs of the customer into business processes; how to approach talent as the enabler for making digital work for organizations and redefine roles and responsibilities; identify and plug capability gaps; plan a realistic digital operations roadmap and framework across your organization.


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