Digital OneOffice

Infosys BPM acquires Eishtec to bolster its OneOffice offering

Oct 23, 2019

The most recent example of front office investment is Infosys’ acquisition of Eishtec, a 1,400-person contact center firm based in Ireland

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Take a “People-First” Approach for Omnichannel Success

Sep 10, 2019

How a leading sportswear company partnered to evolve its omnichannel platform from back to front

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Slay your legacy dragons and cultural silos to create the Finance OneOffice experience

Jul 30, 2019

Finance and accounting leaders from multiple industries gathered with HFS analysts to discuss their journey to the Finance OneOffice.

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TCS is the “Walmart of IT services,” but it needs to reach beyond its comfort IT clients to truly drive the Business 4.0 vision

May 22, 2019

TCS is quietly emerging as the “Walmart of IT services” with the depth and breadth to win and deliver any deal it wants. Its investments in innovation have been critical to this rise but it needs to bring more than IT leaders to the table...

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Airlines must connect front-to-back offices to achieve customer-centric baggage management

Apr 03, 2019

Why a One Office approach is critical to driving a touch-less personalized customer experience for airlines.

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How the Ask Avnet Cognitive Assistant Became a Critical Part of the Customer Life Cycle

Feb 19, 2019

Avnet’s cognitive assistant ups CX and breaks brand silos by embracing the Digital One Office principles

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Mphasis Clients: Exploit their growth plans to match your OneOffice ambitions

Feb 19, 2019

Mphasis focused its strategic goals and improved its financial performance in recent years - now it’s time for clients to get more bang for their buck

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Learning from the Birds and the Bees: Start Looking at Swarm AI to Harness the Power of Human Insights and Opinions for Your Enterprise

Dec 10, 2018

Swarm AI is helping organizations make complex decisions that require tapping into the collective opinion of large groups of people.

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HFS Top 10 Digital Change Management Providers 2018

Nov 27, 2018

This report ranks 10 leading providers on their digital change management capabilities.

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